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Month: March 2019

March 14th , 2019 by

How MonikaPrime saves energy

When looking at the design of a new kitchen, equipment performance is key. MonikaPrime manages equipment performance, to ensure that commercial refrigeration, hot holding and ware-washing equipment can deliver what is required consistently. This goes beyond maintaining safe temperatures, to encompass energy efficiency, sustainability and protection of costly or vulnerable stock. The behaviour and performance […]

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March 1st , 2019 by

How MonikaPrime saves time

MonikaPrime is a complete food safety system that manages tasks and checks, using the Smart PA – a robust android device that is Biocote-treated for hygiene. Tasks and checks can be scheduled including maintenance checks, hygiene checks, stock checks for shelf life, cleaning routines, pest control, goods in inspections and other routines. Using the device […]

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