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Year: 2021

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April 1st , 2021 by

Keeping perishable products safe in the NHS

What’s product safety really worth? It could be everything in a clinical setting. Keeping perishable products safe ensures patients get the full benefit of treatments…plus, you save time, money, and meet quality and compliance objectives. The MonikaPrime Equipment Management solution monitors the temperatures of medicines, bloods and vaccines continually – and without staff resource – […]

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March 5th , 2021 by

Does a good layout make a kitchen safe?

Kitchen design is becoming more and more focused on safety and hygiene – while efficiency and productivity continue to be critical to a successful foodservice operation. So what’s one thing you can do when planning a new kitchen build or retrofit that ticks both boxes? Include a digital food safety system in your project specifications. […]

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January 6th , 2021 by

New vaccine gives hope with help from hospitality

It’s heart-warming to see how closed hospitality businesses have offered to help the roll-out of the new Oxford Coronavirus vaccine by giving up venues and refrigeration. This is just one spoke in the large wheel of the roll-out programme which is also seeing new centres being set up across the country.

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