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The benefits of wireless, paperless temperature monitoring

September 28th , 2012 by

Writing for The FCSI, Monika’s Managing Director Tim Gamble sets out the food safety benefits of electronic paper-free temperature monitoring.

“Making compliance simple, robust and cost-effective for everyone – not just the big boys.”

We all know the seriousness of a food borne illness event. The costs to a foodservice operator in terms of human suffering caused, legal defence against prosecution, damage to valuable brands and consequent disaster recovery PR campaigns can be immense.

Best practice automated temperature monitoring systems can significantly reinforce even the best food safety systems, bringing far greater assurance that such an event will not occur. If it does, they can provide solid evidence at law, eliminating doubts that might be cast on handwritten charts. They can save money too, by reducing the team workload, helping to avoid costly food loss and highlight plant faults before they become expensive repairs.

It is often thought that automated systems are only of value to large organisations with sophisticated production facilities and large numbers of cold rooms, fridges and freezers. The fact is that today’s technology makes affordable solutions available to even the smallest operator.

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