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Eliminating Unnecessary Food Waste

January 23rd , 2023 by

Eliminating unnecessary food waste is an easy first step to take when operators are looking to become more sustainable. In the first instance, caterers can track how much stock they sell, to adjust future order quantities to ensure they’re not purchasing more than they can use. Implementing a first-in, first-out system (FIFO) will guarantee oldest food is used first, minimising the risk of being forgotten, and making it easier to track stock. Of course, the efficiency of the storage unit that this rotation is based in is equally important. Should an appliance become faulty, food may spoil quicker, costing operators hundreds in unnecessary food waste, and energy expenditure.


This risk can be eliminated with Monika’s discreet temperature monitoring sensors. The sensors simulate the temperature of the perishable food items themselves, rather than simply recording the temperature inside the unit, for grater accuracy unaffected by the fluctuation caused by opening and shutting the door. Should a unit suddenly malfunction, staff can be nominated to receive alerts when the unit moves outside a pre-determined safe temperature range. Staff can then act quickly to relocate food before it spoils. This early warning system helps managers make informed decisions when it comes to addressing faults before they become expensive repair jobs, and when to invest in new equipment.


Proper staff training is also vital to reducing energy use. Operators can implement best practice systems, such as thoroughly cooling food before storing it in a refrigerator. This negates the need for the unit to use additional energy to regulate the internal temperature. Regular temperature and hygiene checks also ensure things run as efficiently as possible. In a restaurant, it can be difficult for staff to keep track of these best practices, and who has done what. Monika’s smart handheld PA device helps teams stay on top of things, with audio and visual task reminders. Managers can then view which tasks have been completed, when, and by whom. The smart cloud-connected system can be accessed via any desktop, mobile, or Monika PA device, including while off-site, making it an ideal option to multi-site managers and national chains. Managers can compare sites from their dashboard, highlighting potential training opportunities and tracking which sustainability initiatives are performing best, helping them decide which to implement across all locations.