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Keeping perishable products safe in the NHS

April 1st , 2021 by

What’s product safety really worth?

It could be everything in a clinical setting. Keeping perishable products safe ensures patients get the full benefit of treatments…plus, you save time, money, and meet quality and compliance objectives.

The MonikaPrime Equipment Management solution monitors the temperatures of medicines, bloods and vaccines continually – and without staff resource – using sensors fitted to refrigeration units and ambient rooms.

  • Receive alerts when temperatures move out of safe range
  • Relocate stocks of sensitive products before they lose integrity and need to be destroyed
  • Save staff time and remove the risk of error using our hands-free paperless system
  • Identify failing equipment for maintenance
  • Retrieve and review data using a convenient dashboard – whether you are on-site or not
  • Drive quality and safety throughout your organisation.

MonikaPrime has been protecting medicines and more across 38 sites at South East Coast Ambulance Service for nearly three years, generating significant operational efficiencies and protecting products worth thousands of pounds.

“It was estimated that about 107 operational hours per week, or 5,557 hours annually, were being used to travel to each reporting site and record temperatures manually each day, prior to the introduction of Monika.” South East Coast Ambulance Service – September 2020

To find out how Monika can help you to keep temperatures safe contact UK Director of Sales Rag Hulait on 07879 884 655 or email rhulait@monika.com for more information.