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Equipment management

Equipment Management

Food storage temperatures are key to food safety as well as quality. Automated monitoring lowers risk to staff as it reduces movement and contact with surfaces, compared to manual, paper-based recording. It is also time-saving and error-free, giving you confidence that temperatures are being taken care of.

  • Centrally monitor refrigeration in kitchens, bars and cafés
  • Excursions out of pre-defined temperature range trigger alerts to staff via text or email
  • Move stock before it spoils, avoiding waste and saving money
  • Monitor equipment performance to identify maintenance issues.
Team management

Team Management

MonikaPrime software is preloaded onto the Android based Monika Smart PA to manage teams and tasks due, even when you are not there. The device is robust, waterproof and Biocote treated for protection against bacteria and viruses. And, paired with a Bluetooth Smart Probe, staff can take food temperatures at any stage.

  • Manage hygiene tasks e.g. cleaning and hand-washing with audible and visual alerts
  • Remove paper from hygienic areas to reduce risk
  • Add verification to tasks to ensure completion
  • Optimise the use of staff time with flexible scheduling.
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Enterprise Management

Monika’s enterprise level software gives you oversight of your operation from your PC or mobile device, for complete control and peace of mind.

  • Monitor corrective & preventive actions taken to drive improvement
  • Highlight training needs by examining who has done what, where and when
  • Enjoy simplified auditing and detailed reporting
  • Identify problem equipment before it fails
  • Ensure hassle-free compliance.

Contact UK Director of Sales Rag Hulait for more information on 07879 884655 or email: rhulait@monika.com.