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MonikaPrime monitors clinical equipment for compliance and safety

September 4th , 2020 by

The MonikaPrime Equipment Management solution monitors the temperatures of perishable products continually – and without staff resource – using sensors fitted to refrigeration units. This makes it ideal for the clinical environment where medicines, bloods and other temperature sensitive materials are critical to patient care.

The system will generate alerts when temperatures move out of safe range, which you receive by text or email, meaning stock can be relocated before it loses integrity. Not only can this save money and avoid waste, it can also help towards regulatory compliance and will be recognised when the CQC comes to inspect.

There are other benefits to MonikaPrime, particularly in today’s high-risk environment, where a hands-free paperless system can keep staff safe by reducing movement and potential cross-contamination. And, using a convenient dashboard, you can retrieve and review data whether you are on-site or not. By looking at equipment temperature performance, maintenance needs can be identified to avoid costly breakdown.

MonikaPrime has been protecting medicines for the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals Trust for more than 15 years. Find out how we have helped them here:


For more information on how Monika can help in a clinical environment, please call Rag Hulait on 07879 884 655  or email rag@monika.com.