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New vaccine gives hope with help from hospitality

January 6th , 2021 by

It’s heart-warming to see how closed hospitality businesses have offered to help the roll-out of the new Oxford Coronavirus vaccine by giving up venues and refrigeration. This is just one spoke in the large wheel of the roll-out programme which is also seeing new centres being set up across the country. Monika is already being asked to help monitor fridges to hold the new vaccine, which needs to be stored between 2 and 8°C to keep its integrity.

However, concerns have been raised that some refrigeration (Class 3) is unable to maintain a stable temperature when the door is opened frequently during the course of the day.

The good news is that it is quick and easy to install discrete sensors into refrigeration that quickly give vaccines protection against temperature excursions. Alerts can be sent to staff whether on site or off so action can be taken in the case of temperatures moving out of range. Whatever class of refrigeration, this is an insurance policy against costly – and in this case potentially deadly – stock loss.

The ambitious roll-out programme needs all the support it can get to run smoothly. Contact Rag Hulait at Monika today on 07879 884655 to see if we can help.