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Post-Lockdown businesses won’t be booming if food safety standards aren’t in check

June 8th , 2021 by

A recent consumer poll, conducted by YouGov on behalf of the British Standards Institution (BSI) shows that there are increased concerns among the public over food safety and hygiene, as reported in FoodService Equipment Journal recently.

BSI has warned of a potential shift in confidence around food and safety. Below are some statistics cited in the article:

-Consumer poll of 2182 UK adults online showed that 53% say they are more conscious of food safety and hygiene since the pandemic began.

-Pubs, chain restaurants and independent coffee shops are of most concern to consumers.

-76% said a lack of confidence in an outlet’s hygiene would stop them eating there.

-A further 65% said they would avoid eating at a venue where they were not confident of food safety standards.

-32% who eat out or have food delivered would be reassured if a venue had Covid-safe measures in place.

EMEA Director for food and retail supply at BSI, Richard Werran, said ‘’Our survey highlights the growing concerns that customers have when it comes to food safety…we’d encourage all food service organisations to lean heavily on best practice guidance and instil a robust food safety culture.’’

MonikaPrime, our food safety management, hygiene and compliance system, can and will help eliminate some of the concerns that consumers have. The flexible Team Management module allows cleaning and hygiene tasks to be scheduled, and staff prompted to ensure they are both performed on time and recorded. Equipment Management monitors the temperatures of refrigeration and other equipment, to keep food within safe parameters and alert staff if a unit moves out of range. This ensures stock can be moved before it spoils and becomes a food safety risk.

MonikaPrime allows you to take control, reduce risk and give yourself and your customers complete confidence in your food safety culture. Don’t lockdown your business – choose Monika today! Find out more here or contact our UK Director of Sales, Rag Hulait, on 07879884655 or email: rhulait@monika.com