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What’s stopping the connected kitchen?

April 11th , 2019 by

The ‘connected kitchen’ is an aspiration shared by many, but which has one serious barrier to success. Where real-time information about any appliance in the kitchen may be readily available, getting a connection is fundamental to being able to see or use that data. Given that some kitchens are situated in notoriously inaccessible locations, getting data out of the building to enable it to be used is a challenge.

This is something Monika has been overcoming for years by using a range of flexible connectivity options including WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as cellular if a mobile signal is available. Our primary technology is ZigBee, which is built for harsh environments and forms its own network within the kitchen so that data can be routed from one piece of equipment to the next or around the kitchen.

Monika can also act as connectivity partner in a new kitchen build, enabling all connected equipment to send data out of the building for analysis. For more information please contact us on 01664 420 022, email: info@ monika.com.