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Food safety monitoring for business and industry

The client – a global law firm and great place to work

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co is a UK-based international law firm providing a full legal service to worldwide clients. It is the World Law Group’s representative law firm in England and Wales, connecting clients with more than 15,000 lawyers across the globe. Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co has been ranked among the UK’s best workplaces by global research and management consultancy the Great Place to Work Institute for 14 years – the only law firm to receive this accolade. The cutting-edge catering facility at the firm’s Head Office relies on Monika’s food safety monitoring tools to ensure everything staff are served is safe, hygienic and restaurant-quality.


The need – food safety assurance without wasting staff time

Keen to continue its Great Place to Work award-winning streak, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co treated its Birmingham city centre headquarters to state-of-the-art catering facility The Loft, so that employees could enjoy instant access to restaurant-quality food throughout the working day.

Food safety monitoring in any professional kitchen centres on a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan, the system that forms the basis of global food standards. The paper-based temperature records traditionally used as part of a HACCP system require dozens of time-consuming manual checks and labour-intensive forms every day.

When designing the kitchen, top FCSI design consultants Humble Arnold recognised that these old-fashioned paper-based food safety monitoring systems create unnecessary work for already busy staff and generate huge files of paper records that are challenging to store and laborious to analyse.

The Loft was designed with clever use of space and top quality catering equipment to make the operation as efficient as possible; it needed an equally efficient food safety monitoring solution that avoided the wastefulness of paper-based systems without compromising on quality.


The solution – wireless food safety monitoring

Monika worked closely with Humble Arnold consultants and ScoMac contractors to install PathFinder wireless temperature monitoring in The Loft. The PathFinder food safety monitoring system simplifies the components of a HACCP plan, so catering staff can meet their food safety obligations more easily and efficiently.

A discreet sensor is placed inside each refrigeration unit to automatically and continuously monitor food temperatures, calibrated with a bespoke safe range to protect food from freeze damage or overheating. If any of the units are running outside their approved range, nearby staff will hear an alarm and e-mail/text alerts can be automatically sent to key personnel.

Discussing his experience of the Monika food safety monitoring system, Chef Manager Stuart Brown commented: “A major plus for me is the remote alarms – if you’re away from the kitchen for the night, something might slip out of range and then you could have a whole host of problems to deal with in the morning. With the Monika system, I’ll be able to react quickly if anything goes wrong.”

Monika’s food safety monitoring system uses robust, self-healing ZigBee wireless connections, specifically designed for harsh kitchen environments, to transmit real-time data from various locations around the kitchen back to a central server. Staff can see up-to-the-minute records of temperature and other critical information on Monika’s Smart Wireless Monitoring software, allowing them to identify potential problems and act fast to save stock if needed.

As well as temperature monitoring in fridges, freezers, cold rooms and other static units, hand probing of food samples is integrated into the Monika food safety monitoring system. Digital probes wirelessly transmit temperatures back to the server, ensuring total traceability throughout storage, production and serving.


The outcome – safe, hygienic, restaurant quality food for all employees

Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co is confident that its employees can enjoy safe, hygienic, cooked-to-perfection food at The Loft, without the need for kitchen staff to complete and file countless reams of paperwork every day.

Stuart Brown, Chef Manager, said: “Customer satisfaction is really important to us; The Loft plays an important role in the company culture and it’s a real social hub. Our Monika wireless temperature monitoring system gives us total food safety assurance, even on the most hectic days, so we have more time to focus on perfecting the dining experience as a whole.

“I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got to grips with the Smart Wireless Monitoring software, because I’ve never used anything like it before. The Monika food safety monitoring system is incredibly user-friendly, and it’s already proving useful – the plant monitoring features highlighted some under-performing refrigeration equipment that we would never have known about otherwise, so now we can get the engineers in before it becomes a major risk.”

To find out more about the business and industry applications of Monika food safety monitoring systems, please call 0800 130 3838 or email webenquiries@monika.com.

For more information about Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co, please visit www.wragge-law.com. For more information about Wilson Vale, the catering management company behind The Loft, please visit www.wilsonvale.co.uk.

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