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The Royal Society of Medicine

The client – one of the country’s largest providers of postgraduate medical education

The Royal Society of Medicine is an independent charity designed to promote the exchange of information and ideas in the science, practice and organisation of medicine. With a history dating back to 1805, the society was granted a Royal Charter by King William IV in 1834. Situated in the heart of London, the RSM operates two venues, 1 Wimpole Street, the society’s home, and sister property Chandos House, both featuring a broad catering offering.


The need – accurate records and compliance with regulations across sites

Speaking about the Monika PathFinder wireless temperature monitoring system Executive Head Chef Paul Kennison explains: “It’s vital that we are able to monitor and record certain elements of our daily tasks in order to comply with legislation and regulation. Take, for example, temperature monitoring. With three kitchens in two different central London buildings, it used to be a challenge for me to keep an eye on accurate record taking. That was until we installed the Monika automated system around five years ago.”


The solution – a live wireless temperature monitoring system that delivers efficiencies

Having used Monika’s wireless temperature monitoring systems previously, Director of Operations Support Services, Nigel Collett, introduced Paul to this state-of-the-art technology. Speaking with the Monika team who demonstrated the technology, Paul took the decision to install the system and hasn’t looked back since, adding: “It was evident from the very beginning, that being entirely focused on food management, the Monika system would deliver ongoing efficiencies across our business. The automated nature of the monitoring and recording process would allow my team to concentrate on preparing food, while allowing me to manage standards across all our kitchens, without even needing to leave my office.”

Paul continues: Aside from the system itself, we’ve been immensely impressed by the service from Monika. Continuing to deliver efficiencies across our business, we took the decision recently, to upgrade our Monika system to the latest version, with new technology and hardware. Again, this was something that was quickly and efficiently carried out. We now have a total of 35 fridges and freezers being monitored, 5 hand-held smart monitors and probes around the kitchens and each chef has their own tag.”


The outcome – a food safety monitoring system that safeguards business

Taking food safety very seriously, Paul and his team continue to be impressed by the ongoing results of the Monika PathFinder system, going on to say: “Our previous paper-based, manual recording system was time consuming and open to inaccuracies, especially during our busiest periods. Since introducing the Monika system, our chefs’ time is freed up much more, whilst they are also aware of it being a ‘live’ system, which can’t be tampered with or backdated when inadvertently missed. With instant recording, I am able to drill down to identify individuals, inspect readings and take corrective action on any alerts that may occur, providing a level of due diligence and safeguarding our business at all times. Where alerting is concerned, we have the system set up so that should any of our appliances exceed the pre-defined temperatures, an alert is immediately sent to me by email and SMS and also highlighted to the reception desk which is manned 24/7. This allows us to quickly fix or rectify any problems before it impacts on our stock, a further cost saving for the business.”


For more information about the latest Monika wireless temperature monitoring systems or to find out more about the expert services offered by the company, please visit www.monika.com or call 0800 130 3838.

For more information about the Royal Society of Medicine please visit www.rsm.ac.uk, www.onewimpolestreet.co.uk or call 020 7290 2900.

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