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Wireless temperature monitoring system for education

The client – an established, award-winning university

The University of Warwick is one of Britain’s most highly regarded universities, having been rated the best university in Europe by QS and never ranked below the top ten in the UK. Primarily based on a 290-hectare campus on the outskirts of Coventry, it is organised into four faculties (Arts, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences). Graham Crump, award-winning Group Executive Chef and Secretary for the World Association of Chefs Education Committee, relies on the Monika wireless temperature monitoring system to ensure food safety across campus.


The need – compliance and consistency in kitchens across campus

The university is home to more than 24,000 full-time students and over 5,000 staff, and often serves as a venue for conferences and other large-scale events, so ensuring consistent compliance with food safety regulations across its kitchens poses complex challenges.

Temperature monitoring in a professional kitchen centres on a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan, the systematic safety approach that forms the basis of global food standards.

Group Executive Chef Graham identified that traditional HACCP food safety analyses created huge amounts of labour-intensive, time-consuming paperwork, and wanted a future-proof wireless temperature monitoring system to help all four of his kitchens achieve consistent compliance with food safety legislation.


The solution – a wireless temperature monitoring system

Monika PathFinder wireless temperature monitoring system automatically and continuously monitors temperatures in kitchens across the university’s 2.8km2 main campus site.

A discreet food safety monitoring sensor is placed inside each refrigeration unit to automatically and continuously record temperatures, calibrated with a bespoke safe range to protect food from freeze damage or overheating. If any of the units are running outside their approved range, nearby staff will hear an alarm and the wireless temperature monitoring system can automatically send e-mail/text alerts to key personnel.

Speaking about the Monika PathFinder wireless temperature monitoring system, Graham said: “One of the reasons we chose Monika’s food safety monitoring system was its simplicity of use; you know you’ll be alerted to any problems, but when you just want to check on things, the reporting software really couldn’t be more straightforward.”

Monika’s wireless temperature monitoring system uses robust, self-healing ZigBee wireless connections, specifically designed for tough kitchen environments, to transmit real-time data from fridges and freezers across campus back to a central server. Staff can see up-to-the-minute records of temperature and other critical data on Monika’s Smart Wireless Monitoring software, allowing them to identify potential problems and act fast to save stock if needed.

Graham added: “A great benefit of the Monika wireless temperature monitoring system is that all our temperature records and other food safety reports are stored electronically, so anyone can view them at the touch of a button. From my computer, I’ve got fingertip access to all four kitchens – it gives me complete peace of mind.”


The outcome – safe, hygienic, delicious food for staff and students

The University of Warwick has complete confidence in the quality and safety of food stored, prepared and served across campus since installing the Monika PathFinder wireless temperature monitoring system over 15 years ago. Kitchen staff can focus on the thousands of meals they create every day, free from labour-intensive manual checks and paperwork, while senior management can use live online performance and compliance reports to identify and rectify any potential food safety problems.

Graham Crump, Group Executive Chef and Secretary for the World Association of Chefs Education Committee, commented: “With more than 50 fridges spread over our four sites, food safety monitoring used to be a challenge, but Monika’s wireless temperature monitoring system makes it easy.

“I was the instigator of introducing the University to the Monika system back in the 1990s, and since supported various upgrades as the technology has evolved. I would definitely recommend Monika to other chefs, for ease of use and reliability.”

To find out more about applications of the Monika wireless temperature monitoring system in schools, colleges and universities, please call 0800 130 3838 or email webenquiries@monika.com.

For more information on the University of Warwick, please visit www.warwick.ac.uk.

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