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MonikaPrime – Food Safety Management System

Convenient & Automatic Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Food temperature control is essential to limit the growth of dangerous pathogens which can result in foodborne illness and the many consequences that go with it.

Monitoring fridge and freezer temperatures helps guard against this by highlighting out of range temperatures which can lead to unsafe food conditions. However, a manual recording system has many limitations. Unlike a wireless temperature monitoring system, a paper-based one can’t alert you if one of your fridges or freezers moves out of safe temperature range while your kitchen is closed, but comes back into range again later. It is also prone to error and can be filled in retrospectively which – well – defeats the point!

As well as being aware of very real food safety risk, if you knew your equipment had regular temperature fluctuations you’d be able to pinpoint it for maintenance before it breaks down – which could save a lot of money.

One Monika customer saved £15,000 of stock this year because the automated MonikaPrime system alerted him to the breakdown of a walk-in cold room while nobody was on-site…

How does an automated system work?

MonikaPrime uses discreet wireless sensors for monitoring fridge and freezer temperatures. The sensors record temperatures continually, and will send alerts by text or email to notify staff if they move out of safe range. This means food can be moved before it spoils and becomes unsafe.

However, our solutions are not just designed for monitoring food temperatures, we can monitor humidity and even if a door has been left open across refrigeration, ambient rooms and cold rooms too.

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Team management


Food temperature control at every stage with MonikaPrime Team Management

Food temperature control spans more than your equipment, especially when you must adhere to HACCP principles. You need to monitor and control food temperatures at every stage of processing – from goods in through to service. The MonikaPrime team management module uses a handheld Smart PA device paired with a wireless Bluetooth probe to take food temperatures and record any subsequent actions e.g. delivery rejected or batch discarded.

Team Management can help you manage essential cleaning and hygiene routines too. The Smart PA device can remind users when it’s time to perform a task such as cleaning or check such as pest control. Staff use the device to log performance of the task, and any comments or corrective actions required.

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Keeping an eye on things with Enterprise Management from MonikaPrime

The modular MonikaPrime system also includes Enterprise Management software so single or multi-site operations can assess the performance of equipment and people from one central dashboard. The live view shows our temperature and humidity monitors at work by unit, so you can quickly see which units are performing well and which might need maintenance, repair or are due for replacement.

With a reporting suite to demonstrate who has undertaken what pre-programmed task when and what the outcome was, the MonikaPrime suite builds into a comprehensive food safety management system that helps you drive improvement and efficiency throughout your organisation.

Find out more about how MonikaPrime can help you here: www.monika.com/solutions/monikaprime