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At Monika, customers are treasured and treated with respect. We understand that the best businesses focus on the needs of their clients as the starting point for their own growth.

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For LCB, temperature monitoring of client and customer goods is extremely important and the business aims to keep its promise of ensuring that the products it stores are in safe hands. To do this, it needs to guarantee that customer stock is kept to a temperature that’s unique when compared to most items stored within an air-controlled environment.
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"Iceland can focus on what it does best, safe in the knowledge that its Monika system is ensuring nationwide product safety, consistency and compliance. Staff who use Monika are confident that the system will alert them to any problems and can therefore focus on other important duties rather than conducting laborious temperature checks. Having an automated system also reduces staff movement and the potential for touching virus-contaminated surfaces."
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"It’s vital that we are able to monitor and record certain elements of our daily tasks in order to comply with legislation and regulation. Take, for example, temperature monitoring. With three kitchens in two different central London buildings, it used to be a challenge for me to keep an eye on accurate record taking. That was until we installed the Monika automated system around five years ago."
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"The Monika system freed up chefs in my kitchen, allowing them more time to concentrate on food preparation. We use the technology to monitor our large, walk-in units as well as our smaller appliances in the main kitchen and four satellite kitchens. Recorded on my computer, the system allows me to view detailed reports when I require or when I am asked to demonstrate compliance."
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"The Monika system is a critical support mechanism for us. With over 40 cabinets being recorded all the time, we use the software a lot – it’s useful to have a remote overview, because of the size of the hospital, and I can check on things from home. Incidents happen, little things like doors being left open and fridges being overfilled or otherwise improperly loaded, and this could lead to very costly stock losses if we didn't have our Monika system alerting us to problems in real time."

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