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Category: Temperature Monitoring

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October 7th , 2019 by

Keeping fridge temperatures safe in an NHS setting

Busy staff, busy premises and multiple priorities – it’s easy to see why managing refrigeration temperatures in an NHS setting can be problematic. However, as we finally say goodbye to a long, hot summer, refrigeration is at its most vulnerable having been overworked for weeks on end – which introduces a new level of risk […]

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August 20th , 2019 by

Power outage? Is your food still safe?

Everyone knows an insurance policy is a need to have, not a nice to have, as it protects our valuable assets against loss or damage. But what are you doing about food safety? Not only is the breakdown of equipment a potential health risk to customers, but it could cost you a lot of money. […]

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May 15th , 2019 by

More about Monika's Mobile Solutions...

Monika works with businesses of all sizes who rely on us for food safety compliance, best practice and peace of mind. Our android-based MonikaPrime and MonikaGo solutions have been designed around robust wireless protocols for use in the commercial kitchen environment. The heavy-duty Smart PA device is loaded with software that prompts users to perform […]

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February 12th , 2019 by

MonikaPrime and the clinical environment

Did you know that by adding wireless temperature monitoring to your clinical fridges, your operation can benefit from cost-savings as well as reducing wastage of valuable and sensitive stock? MonikaPrime Equipment Management automatically monitors equipment temperatures 24/7 and uses battery or wired sensors and a hub to collect the data and send it to the […]

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