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How Monika goes beyond a food safety checklist

March 21st , 2019 by

Keeping records is necessary for traceability issues, e.g. if a business faces a food-borne illness issue then they can go back to the source of it and find out where the problem arose in order to ensure the incident isn’t repeated. However, if those records are on paper and you are a big organisation then you could have a warehouse full of records somewhere so that it is neither quick nor easy to go back and find the data you need. Digital food safety solution MonikaPrime can overcome this issue, but while the system removes the need for paper based forms, it does a lot more than simply substitute them for electronic alternatives.

When records are paper based, it is hard to do anything with the data they contain such as analyse or spot trends. MonikaPrime allows for easy reporting, not just for audit purposes but to give businesses visibility across their entire operation in order to implement best practice or identify weak areas that could benefit from training.

As well as being time-consuming for busy staff, paper-based forms do not always hold up to scrutiny – being easily forgotten and often filled in retrospectively. MonikaPrime prompts users to complete tasks and logs it when they are not conducted within a set timeframe. Alarms are escalated to ensure things get done, and the mobile technology allows users to react quickly to events and log actions taken. By learning from these, a business can try to ensure adverse events don’t happen again.

All in all, MonikaPrime is a system that offers many advantages. Find out more at https://www.monika.com/solutions/monikaprime/ or call us on 01664 420 022, email: info@ monika.com.