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Keeping fridge temperatures safe in an NHS setting

October 7th , 2019 by

Busy staff, busy premises and multiple priorities – it’s easy to see why managing refrigeration temperatures in an NHS setting can be problematic. However, as we finally say goodbye to a long, hot summer, refrigeration is at its most vulnerable having been overworked for weeks on end – which introduces a new level of risk – and no doubt the CQC is well aware of this!

The good news is that there is an easy and low-cost Monika Equipment Management solution designed to keep valuable stock within safe temperature range – without adding extra burden onto staff.

At the heart of the system is a sensor fitted into each refrigeration unit to monitor temperatures continually and generate alerts if they move out of range. This ensures stocks of medicines or other sensitive materials can be relocated and saved before they lose integrity – or identified for destruction.

The system can also alert if doors are left open, highlight incorrect loading practices and inefficient equipment. Not only does the automated process relieve staff of an extra time-consuming procedure, it ensures temperatures are safe, recorded, and can be easily retrieved for reporting and auditing through the powerful back-end software – which allows control at local level and also gives central control for pharmacy heads who can see their entire estate from one convenient dashboard.

Trusted temperature monitoring

  • Product temperatures are simulated rather than air, for greater accuracy
  • Set temperature limits to your precise specification
  • Configure and escalate alarms and alerts to suit your operational needs
  • Include door monitoring for added peace of mind
  • Benefit from real time data to enable immediate action
  • Add corrective actions and record them for full traceability and safety.


Plant management for improved diagnostics

  • Save stock with diagnostic alerts to highlight failing equipment
  • Log preventive actions to avoid recurrence of incidents e.g. if a door is left open
  • Fix expensive equipment before it fails by monitoring performance through the Enterprise Management Software
  • Save energy with defrost and compressor monitoring.



MonikaPrime Equipment Management is beneficial to multiple clinical environments where temperature sensitive products are held such as:

  • Pharmacies and dispensaries
  • Blood and tissue banks
  • Clinical studies and life sciences
  • Microbiology and environmental health laboratories
  • DNA, genetics, infertility and forensic laboratories
  • Pathology.

Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a site survey. Call Rag on 07879 884 655 or email rhulait@monika.com.