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Keeping staff safe in the workplace with MonikaPrime

July 8th , 2020 by

Team Management from MonikaPrime has never been more relevant than in the wake of Covid-19. We are all conditioned to wash our hands, thoroughly and frequently, and be aware of hygiene in general. However, there is no guarantee that such measures can be upheld in the workplace – especially in a busy kitchen or pharmacy where time runs away with itself and space can be at a premium.

MonikaPrime can be programmed to give audible as well as visual reminders when a hygiene task is due – for example to clean down equipment, change cloths and even to alert staff to wash their hands. By choosing to set an alarming and flashing ‘beacon’, staff can be in no doubt that the task is due and are more likely to complete it on time.

Any type of routine kitchen or premises check can be programmed, with verification by a line manager to ensure it is completed to a sufficient standard if required. These extra layers protect both staff and customers/patients, while also ensuring compliance with levels of safety and hygiene that have never been more important.

Where physical measures to encourage social distancing are impractical, why not programme tasks to check staff are maintaining a correct distance periodically? Over time, the use of an area beacon to sound audible alerts could help to enforce regular handwashing and social distance checks – as staff begin to anticipate it.

The sister module to Team Management in the MonikaPrime family is Equipment Management – where sensors are installed in refrigeration units and cold rooms to monitor temperatures remotely. This also offers safety benefits. As a paperless system it removes the need for multiple staff to move around taking readings of units which will have been used by various people – but may not have been cleaned in between. It also saves staff time to bring you greater efficiency. The sensors track the temperatures of the products within the units, sending alerts when they move out of safe range. This allows valuable stock to be moved before it spoils – and allows a response even when a premises is closed. How would you know otherwise if something had gone wrong – say a unit had become too warm for several hours overnight but recovered by the morning? The risk to health cannot be underestimated.

For more information about how MonikaPrime could help your catering or healthcare operation in terms of safety and efficiency, please contact Rag Hulait on 07879 884 655 or email: rhulait@monika.com