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Monika Equipment Assisting Covid and Flu Vaccination Rollout

June 3rd , 2023 by

Monika, the experts in connecting teams and equipment, have been helping vaccination teams stay safe, smart, and connected whilst administering Covid and Flu vaccinations this year.

Having previously relied on Monika’s innovative temperature monitoring equipment for storage of general medication, the team at Bradford District Care have recently had Monika’s digital vaccine fridge monitoring system installed at Lynfield clinic.

Operational Lead of the Immunisation Service, Yvonne Osborn, explains the benefits of the new system;

“The system allows us to remotely monitor our fridges and we are alerted when any of them fall out of the required temperature range. This allows us to act promptly, and in the event of a fridge failure move vaccines to another fridge or site to prevent wastage. The safe handling of all our vaccines and keeping them at the right temperature is crucial for patient safety and efficiency.”

Whilst all medicines must be stored within a set range, this is particularly vital for vaccines, as incorrect conditions can lead to them being ineffective at best, and potentially harmful at worst. Since having Monika’s discreet sensors installed, the team have already started to notice the benefits, as Yvonne continues;

“Recently we identified an issue with one of our fridges, which was generating alarms on the Monika system, despite the temperature reading within range. This prompted a service check for the affected fridge, which found it to be faulty and was subsequently repaired. If we had not had the Monika system in place, we may not have been alerted in a timely manner, and would have potentially lost vaccines.”

Tim Gamble, Executive Chairman of Monika, is delighted with the success of the new installation of the Monika system;

“We first created Monika in response to the Food Safety Act of 1990, to help operators safely store and monitor food. That was over 30 years ago now, and it’s amazing to see how Monika has evolved to be useful in various sectors, including the medical industry. We’re absolutely thrilled that our equipment is being used to help roll out flu and Covid vaccinations. This project really emulates our core values of keeping teams safe, smart, and connected, whilst helping the wider community too.”