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MonikaPrime and the clinical environment

February 12th , 2019 by

Did you know that by adding wireless temperature monitoring to your clinical fridges, your operation can benefit from cost-savings as well as reducing wastage of valuable and sensitive stock?

MonikaPrime Equipment Management automatically monitors equipment temperatures 24/7 and uses battery or wired sensors and a hub to collect the data and send it to the Cloud or your Intranet via WiFi. Staff time is saved, and manual error avoided to ensure best practice, avert disaster and help meet regulatory requirements. Data can be analysed and reported against using Monika Enterprise Management Software which gives visibility across your entire organisation and is transparent come CQC audit time.

Trusted temperature monitoring

With MonikaPrime, product temperatures are simulated, rather than air to give greater accuracy, while temperature limits can be set to your precise specification. Alarms and alerts can be configured to suit operational needs and ways of working, and door monitoring offers added peace of mind.

Because Equipment Management records data in real time, you can take immediate action should temperatures fall out of range. This is a huge advantage over paper based recording which leaves you open to the risk of temperatures moving out of range and back unnoticed between checks. The system also allows you to add corrective actions and record them for full traceability and safety.

Plant management for improved diagnostics

Diagnostic alerts can highlight failing equipment so stock can be moved or maintenance arranged – a lifesaving benefit where stock costs can run into huge figures. The system also encourages you to log preventive actions to avoid recurrence of incidents e.g. if a door is left open.


MonikaPrime Equipment Management is beneficial to multiple clinical environments where temperature sensitive products are held such as:

  • Pharmacies and dispensaries
  • Blood and tissue banks
  • Clinical studies and life sciences
  • Microbiology and environmental health laboratories
  • DNA, genetics, infertility and forensic laboratories
  • Pathology

For more information please contact Rag Hulait at Monika on 07879 884 655 or complete our online contact form. If you’d like to find out more about our complete MonikaPrime solution, you can visit the MonikaPrime page here.