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Preparing to reopen your catering operation?

September 18th , 2020 by

As people return to the office, catering outlets will once again be in demand. If you are preparing to reopen, have you considered how to do so safely?

After months of inactivity, it is extremely important to check that your equipment is safe to use, hygienic and still operating efficiently. In terms of refrigeration, this is vital to ensure food safety. When turning a fridge back on, remember to give it time to reach temperature before loading any food.

The FSA has issued extra guidance to food businesses on reopening, to ensure they take account of new procedures implemented as a result of Covid-19. These could include checking supplies of handwashing and cleaning materials, cleaning equipment and surfaces, retraining staff and taking action to minimise staff-customer interaction.

MonikaPrime is a digital food safety system which can help you manage teams, temperatures and tasks for food safety and efficiency. With automated equipment management, fridge and freezer temperatures can be recorded without staff or paper, for compliance and increased safety. Team Management involves the Smart PA device, with the MonikaPrime app. This can be programmed to prompt staff when a hygiene task is due – for example to clean down equipment, change cloths and even to alert staff to wash their hands. As well as enhancing staff safety, it can help a business to work more efficiently to drive down cost at this difficult time.

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