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Safe Handling of Medication

September 27th , 2022 by

Staff never have enough time as it is, and while managing refrigeration temperatures for storing medicines in a busy medical environment is one of many important duties – it is one of few that can be automated.

Paper-based, manual temperature monitoring records are time-consuming and labour intensive at best and at worst, inaccurate and non-compliant with legislation and regulations. Implementing automated technology and the latest systems like MonikaPrime can be motivating for a care team – whereas manual record keeping can be cumbersome and tiresome, sometimes leading to records being completed inaccurately or even not at all. Implementing the right system and technology can support a positive culture of best practice and demonstrate full compliance when required.

The MonikaPrime Equipment Management solution is designed to keep perishable products like medicines and vaccines within a safe temperature range by alerting staff if a problem arises. It uses a sensor fitted into each refrigeration unit or ambient room to monitor temperatures continually and generate alerts if they move out of safe range. This ensures stocks of medicines or other sensitive materials can be relocated and saved before they lose integrity – or identified for destruction so they can do no harm.

The automated process removes the need for manual record keeping but ensures temperature records can easily be retrieved for reporting and auditing through the powerful back-end software and managers can retrieve and review data using a convenient dashboard – whether they are on-site or not.

As Shakeel Herwitker, Assistant Director of Pharmacy at Royal Liverpool University Hospital explains – the system provides peace of mind that regulatory duties are being met – while front-line conditions are under intense pressure:

“Our Monika System is a critical support mechanism for us. It makes it easier to keep on top of the strict medicines related storage guidelines, so I can focus on my day-to-day work. As well as the immediate benefits, over the years it has more than paid for itself by preventing expensive product wastage.”

We don’t just install your MonikaPrime system and walk away – we’ll be there to look after it, service it and maintain it for you. Our dedicated support team are there to keep you up and running at all times, with phone, online and email support after comprehensive user training.