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The most wonderful time of the year?

December 2nd , 2019 by

The festive season is undoubtedly one of the busiest for many people, and in particular for those who work in foodservice. It’s no surprise therefore that food safety complaints tend to increase at this time of year, due in part to temporary staff, practices being relaxed due to time pressures or even bulk-cooked dishes which are not chilled and stored properly after preparation. If you’d like to avoid the severe repercussions that follow a foodborne illness incident, Monika can help.

Our simple food safety management systems are customisable for organisations of all sizes, and remarkably simple to use. The ‘team management’ module incorporates MonikaPrime software on a rugged android device suitable for use in the kitchen plus a bluetooth probe for temperature sampling. The software can be used to schedule, remind and ensure completion of food safety tasks from taking temperature measurements when cooking & chilling, to cleaning, pest control and even managing training and allergen information.

Other modules include automatic equipment monitoring which records temperatures 24/7 and alerts you if they move out of range. This allows action to be taken to prevent stock loss, and avoid food being out of safe temperature range which increases risk. Best of all, our systems are affordable and come with powerful backend analytic and reporting software which makes compliance easy.

Please contact UK Sales Director Rag Hulait for more details on 07879 884655 or email: rag@monika.com