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The role of technology in food safety and hygiene

September 27th , 2022 by

Technology has completely revolutionised the hospitality industry over the last few years. With over 30 years’ experience connecting teams and equipment, Monika has been at the forefront of technology innovations; from the revolutionary mains signalling technology in the 90s, to our current cloud connected system. Our flagship service, MonikaPrime, is a complete safety, hygiene, and compliance management system, which eliminates the need for manual paperwork, thereby helping to streamline tasks.

Monika’s discreet temperature monitoring sensors simulate the temperature of the perishable food products, as opposed to simply recording the temperature of the air inside the unit. This provides greater accuracy for peace of mind. Staff can be nominated to receive alerts should a storage unit move outside a pre-determined safe temperature range. This enables teams to relocate perishable food items before they spoil, reducing food waste. This feature can also assist operators with identifying faulty storage units and help to address any issues to avoid expensive repairs. The sensors are suitable for use in fridges, cold rooms, and even warewashing appliances.

Team members can receive audio and visual task reminders, so no hygiene check is ever missed again. Whether that consists of manual temperature checks, cleaning equipment to avoid cross contamination, or simply reminding the employee to wash their hands. This eliminates the risk of human error, is HACCP compliant and ensures a site is inspection ready at any time.

Monika’s smart systems can be accessed via any desktop, mobile, or Monika’s smart handheld PA device – including while off-site. This is ideal for managers that want take a hybrid approach to work, whilst remaining in the loop with all that’s going on at the venue. Managers can view if tasks have been completed, when, and by whom. Monika’s dashboard is also perfect for operators with more than one site, to compare performance across locations and identify any staff training opportunities to maximise efficiency.

We don’t just install your MonikaPrime system and walk away – we’ll be there to look after it, service it and maintain it for you. Our dedicated support team are there to keep you up and running at all times, with phone, online and email support after comprehensive user training.