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May 15th , 2019 by

More about Monika's Mobile Solutions...

Monika works with businesses of all sizes who rely on us for food safety compliance, best practice and peace of mind. Our android-based MonikaPrime and MonikaGo solutions have been designed around robust wireless protocols for use in the commercial kitchen environment.

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May 2nd , 2019 by

Monika gains Reset accreditation

Digital food safety and compliance expert Monika has recently become Reset accredited in order to provide complete assurance to customers that the company and its team of engineers adhere to the highest health & safety, and quality procedures possible.

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April 11th , 2019 by

What's stopping the connected kitchen?

The ‘connected kitchen’ is an aspiration shared by many, but which has one serious barrier to success. Where real-time information about any appliance in the kitchen may be readily available, getting a connection is fundamental to being able to see or use that data.

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March 14th , 2019 by

How MonikaPrime saves energy

When looking at the design of a new kitchen, equipment performance is key. MonikaPrime manages equipment performance, to ensure that commercial refrigeration, hot holding and ware-washing equipment can deliver what is required consistently. This goes beyond maintaining safe temperatures, to encompass energy efficiency, sustainability and protection of costly or vulnerable stock. The behaviour and performance […]

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